Concierge Care


Evolved Science is a full-service, concierge medical practice dedicated to wellness and disease prevention.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Erika Schwartz, is a recognized leader in prevention and bioidentical hormone treatments for the past 25 years. Thousands of physicians worldwide follow Dr. Erika’s clinical expertise and premier, proprietary protocols.

Evolved Science provides the highest quality medical care in a patient-centric environment. We practice our care in an exquisitely designed, curated and approachable setting that provides unparalleled attention and service to every member.

Our services combine respectful, in-depth information with specialized treatments, individually tailored to each patient with careful and nurturing coordination.

concierge Care Services


Bioidentical/Human Identical Hormone Therapies

  • Proprietary, internationally recognized  protocols to optimize hormone balance and prevent chronic illnesses.

  • Formulation and methods of administration are designed to suit the individual after thorough blood testing, body compositions and personal evaluations. 

  • From creams and FDA-approved gel forms and patches, to pellets and injectables, formulations cover every patient’s specific needs. 

  • Thyroid and adrenal, iodine and tyrosine

IV Infusions

  • Innovative methods to achieve better absorption of needed nutrients through IV infusions.

  • State of the art compounds including amino acids, vitamins, detoxifying agents and enzymes to  achieve the perfect fit for each patient’s need.

  • Rapidly and effectively increase energy, boost the immune system, provide hormone support, hydrate, and act as anti-inflammatories and mood enhancers. 

  • Stop viral infections from progressing and remove heavy metals.

  • Support and enhance other services offered at Evolved Science.



  • Increase energy, boost immune function, deliver anti-inflammatory results and provide hormone and thyroid support.

  • Under our team’s supervision our patients experience remarkable and consistent results.

  • The Evolved Science line of supplements is the result of 15 years of research, scientific updates and evolution.

  • Available exclusively through Evolved Science.

Medical Weight Loss

  • Medically supervised, successful weight loss programs for both men and women of all ages.

  • Peptides, medications, supplements and diets, the programs are individually tailored.

  • Wellness and Nutrition Coaching to support our patients in achieving their weight loss goals and maintaining their new lifestyle.

  • Meal plans help, food shopping list assistance and recipes by our in-house coach.

Allergy Testing

  • Provided by Dr. Rolando Cubela we test for food and environmental allergies.

  • Specific testing for candida- an overgrowth of yeast which can speed up the aging and chronic illness process

  • Follow up with our Health and Nutrition Coach to provide bespoke solutions based on individual allergy results.

  • Customized meal plans created to reduce the inflammatory reactions caused by the specific allergen

Specialty Testing

  • In order to create your fully integrated program, we require comprehensive blood testing to help our practitioners better understand our patients.

  • Drawn in our offices by expert phlebotomists, specimens are analyzed at leading laboratories across the country to covering specific patient requirements.

  • Genetic, food and environmental allergies, heavy metals and even rare pathogen testing.


Sexual Health

  • Using peptides, hormones and electromagnetic pulses, our patients experience substantial increase in libido allowing them to feel young and vibrant at any age.

  • Offering Emsella,  non-invasive, FDA approved medical device to treat incontinence, strengthen pelvic floor and increase blood flow to sex organs providing vaginal rejuvenation and penile blood flow increase